Your Legendary Boobie Trap Bar's Need To Know List

So I have put together a need to know list on playing The Trap. This is a work in progress as I attempt to get bands as many details as I can to have a successful performance.


1. Website www.boobietrapbar.fun / Address 1417 W 6th Topeka KS 66606 / Mailing Address Brian Chambers 2824 SE Minnesota Topeka KS 66605

2. The Trap is a 100 seat venue with top shelf sound and lighting. While your show may feel like a rock show the limited space can limit the overall flow of cash. In many cases we can offer a small guarantee. We host FREE shows as well as charge a cover. If you are seeking a larger guarantee then that must go through a promoter. We are a small operation and Brian handles nearly all aspects of your show and the extra effort it would take to provide a large guarantee must be handled third party.

3. At this time we are actively booking Tue/Fri/Sat. We can book Sun/Mon/Thu for returning artists or unique acts. Never Wed.

4. FREE Shows - This is generally for weekday events. I may offer at $100 guarantee for bands, $75 for solo acts provided a 1 hr performance and a FREE show. (or 20% of sales if more)

So for weekday free shows we do just one act. We hang out, we rock out, then we hang out some more and sell merch. Getting to know our regulars is the key to successful return trips. 

Finding a local and charging a cover is allowed in most cases, but that negates guarantees for weekday shows, as then I have to bring in extra staff. It is a 100% payout from door, or 20% of sales which ever is more.

5. Standard Shows - We generally charge $5/$7 for minors at the door for most shows. 100% of the door is split between bands*. 

6. Whether it is a free show or not, I do my best to pay at least $100 to each band. I also assist in working with locals to get touring bands a larger cut.

7. * - There are no cash production costs from door money, however I do require a small VIP list. This allows some wiggle room to not let people walk away. 

8. HOLDS: If given a hold, an update must be made the 1st of each month to let us know you are still working on finding local support. Without an update you may risk your date being released.


1. Make sure the information on the Calendar at my website is correct.

2. On the website there is a list of Facebook groups by genre. Be sure and join and post fun stuff. Think outside the box and don't just post links. Pics of the band work best. People like to know who you are not just your gnarly vine font logo. Any pics or vids professionally done are a huge bonus.

3. When you arrive in Topeka. Be sure and reach out to kids at the gas station or at the Taco Bell about your show. It really does get people out.

4. We are an All Ages Venue. However anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a non-drinking adult.

Night of the Show:

1. We open at 8pm. There is no room for backlining, but if you are the opening band you are welcome to set up anytime.

2. Shows with one band begin at 11pm. Two bands 10:30pm. Three bands 10:pm. Four bands 9:30pm

3. We encourage all bands to show up for the first band and stay until the last band.

4. Pay out comes at the end of the night, no exceptions.

5. We do not hold money for future pay out. All business transactions must be completeled the day of your event.

6. Each band is given a tab for 1/2 price drinks. Each band gets one tab and only one tab per band to save confusion for bartenders. This tab is for band members only, not wives, parents, or buddies. Any abuse of this may result in your band being charged full price.

7. We do not allow booking 2 weeks before or after your date in Topeka without approval. Please respect this rule in order to maximize your turn out.


1. Mixer Behringer X-18

2. Front House Turbosound IQ15/IQ12

3. 4 separate monitor mixes Peavey Dark Matter series

4. variety of led cans, 2 gobo spots, fog machine